Sounds of the sun ‘Sun Sonification

The Sun is not silent. The low, pulsing hum of our star's heartbeat allows scientists to peer inside, revealing huge rivers of solar material flowing around before their eyes -- er, ears. NASA heliophysicist Alex Young explains how this simple sound connects us with the Sun and all the other stars in the universe.This piece [...]

How Science Figured Out the Age of Earth

A few hundred thousand years after the Big Bang, the Universe cooled to the point where atoms could form. The age of the Earth is estimated to be 4.54 ± 0.05 billion  years (4.54 × 10 years ± 1%). This age may represent the age of the Earth's accretion, of core formation, or of the material from which the Earth formed. This dating [...]

The Scream by Edvard Munch

Who painted his own emotional and psychological state ('soul painting').  Edvard Munch was a Norwegian painter, whose best known work, The Scream, has become one of the most iconic images of world art. His childhood was overshadowed by illness, bereavement and the dread of inheriting a mental condition that ran in the family.  Phase of Childhood Munch said [...]

Bradbury in his youth believes- prose

Throughout his youth, Bradbury was an avid reader and writer and knew at a young age that he was "going into one of the arts." Bradbury began writing his own stories at age 11 (1931), during the Great Depression- sometimes writing on the only available paper, butcher paper. In his youth, he spent much time [...]

Poetry- Telling the truth is a revolutionary act

Telling the truth is a revolutionary act, In a time of universal deceit and darken period, When everything is falling, Environment, society, democracy to humanity So there standing for the world, Is a revolutionary act; However, a revolution not comes by all overnight, It asks for so much, your all mind, the heart and body [...]


Dependency is the cruelest disease discovered on earth by human, it most often make people hollow from deep inside, 'and paralyzed that they forget to use their own strength and mind. People after getting dependent on other or anything become a walking dead; . person’s each small thing to valuable thing get influenced, by someone [...]

Paulo Coelho – Dare to dream big

Paulo Coelho was admitted in a mental hospital 3 times because he wanted to be an 'writer ‘Really means to follow your passion and your heart and being different in this very world of normality is caused this much. Paulo is a Brazilian lyricist and novelist or the recipient of numerous international awards. He is [...]

जीवन की औपचारिकता

टीवी न्यूज़ देखती हूँ तो घबराहट होने लगती है, वेब सीरीज़ में समझ ही नहीं आता देखें क्या सब एक से बढ़कर एक उबाऊ और एक-रूप से कार्यक्रम, धारावाहिक देखकर बहुत अधिक ही बोरियत हो जाती है, परन्तु जब किताबें कहानियाँ पढ़ती हूँ तो सब पीछे छूटने लगता है, मानो मेरा होना कहीं खोने सा [...]

साधारण आदमी

एक आदमी था हर सुबह लंच बॉक्स टांगकर साइकिल पर फ़ैक्ट्री जाता था, और शाम ढले वैसे ही वापस लौट आता था। माँ कहती थी बहुत अच्छा, इमानदार आदमी था। कल हार्टअटैक आया फ़ैक्ट्री में ही और मर गया, हर रोज़ की तरह सुबह गया था मगर शाम को लौटा नहीं पर माँ कह रही [...]

प्रेम: जिसमें प्रेमी की मात्र एक छुअन से देह लजा जाए….

कावेरी ने सोहम की तस्वीर पर हाथ फेरते हुए पूछा, और इसे तुम आकांक्षा कहते हो? "दो वक़्त की दाल रोटी, दो शब्द प्यार के रात में सोने से पहले, जैसे तुम कहते हो मुझसे हुए हर एक संवाद के अन्त में, 'अपना ख़्याल रखना। माह में एक बार तुम्हारे साथ हाथ में हाथ डालकर [...]

आज एक पतंग को उड़ते देखा

आज एक पतंग को उड़ते देखा, वैसे तो देखा कई बार था मगर आज ग़ौर किया उड़ते पंछियों को अक्सर देखती थी पर आज एक पतंग को उड़ते देखा, कुछ अलग सी बात थी उसमें बहुत ज़ोर की चाह आसमान को छू लेने की शायद, अकेले आसमान में सबसे ऊँचाई पर कोई पंछी भी नहीं [...]

Prophet of Love

I never like to loose myself in others mind or influenced by anyone’s perception. Prophet of Love by Farrukh Dhondy, Farrukh Dhondy, as himself in the book, is a journalist based in London on a break in Pune in search of ideas for a story. As this Genre: is Novel fiction and from childhood i [...]