Stop Acting So Small, “You’re the universe”

“Don’t edit your own self according to the fashion. Follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.”

– Kafka

What we are doing today in our life means did you ever ask to yourself that why did you come here on this earth, what is the meaning of life, this great planet made and this whole nature or universe or the unique creation of God is human-we came here only for earning money, marriage, children, these things or living a luxurious and artificial life. Really ?From childhood to young age and after that we get old but what ever we do something different ??? No even today everyone want to show there self differently but didn’t want to act differently. Today every one are equal, think same, act same, behaviour same. 

You are born an original, Don’t die a copy.”

                                                – John mason.      and that’s way whole world going to equal and same and there is so much need of different and uniqueness so be yourself and free yourself that whole world can see you or learn what they need so here world awaits ! Or only see your disqualities and mistake or try to improve them make yourself awesome. Don’t try to change others it will destroy your personality and eternity. Take always your decision and implement in them may be you will do mistake but you’ll get lots of experiences. And than  we’ll not feel regret for those things that we didn’t do in our life and we won’t think in future that why we didn’t live our life, why we didn’t try once that thing Or it make us realise that we spended our whole life sparely in useless or aimless things. But than we can’t do anything and than that last  day come to you called” Death”.

Biggest affirmation of reality or we can say only reality of this life is the ending of life that’s  we all have to die one day.

So very first find out yourself what do you like what do you love what do you want in your life from yourself. Or why do you want this and after finding this start doing only that thing that you love to do.

“Never think to become something, always try to do what you love and than you’ll be yourself.”

Never bind yourself with anything with any religion, caste, rituals and relation. Even never be a prisoner of  your thoughts and your habits. “Be a free bird that can fly over the whole sky….

“Walk where your heart leads you”

                                   -GAO XINGJIAN

Than you will get real and eternal happiness and you will not feel any boundantion  and barriers it make you free form other useless things.

   Or sometime it’ll also happen that the people around you didn’t understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s not for them. So don’t give up your dreams or aims only for making others happy. So start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

“To be free yourself, you have to release everyone else.”

                                        – Stephen C. Paul

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