Nobody can snatch that only thing to you “It’s yours.’Hope.

Today I was reading a book in which there was a awesome story that I read…

It’s about a girl who was full of hope and positive attitude she was a Malika Chand and she was a school teacher not because it was her profession but because she loved teaching and treated her students as she would have treated her own children, nurturing their potential with great kindness. Her perennial motto was ‘Your I can is more important than your I.Q.’ She was known throughout her community as a person who lived to give, who selflessly served anyone in need.

Sadly, her beloved school, which had stood as a silent witness to the delightful progress of generations of children, succumbed to the flames of a fire set by an arsonist one night. All those in the community felt this great loss. But as time passed, their anger gave way to apathy and they resigned themselves to the fact that their children would be without a school.”

“What about Malika?”

“She was different, an eternal optimist if there every was one. Unlike everyone around her, she perceived opportunity in what had happened. She told all the parents that every setback offers an equivalent benefit if they took the time to search for it. This event was a gift in disguise. The roof leaked and the floor had finally buckled under the strain of a thousand little feet scampering across its surface. This was the chance that they had been waiting for to join hands as a community and build a much better school, one that would serve many more children in the years to come. And so, with this 64 year-old Dynamo behind them, they marshalled their collective resources and raised enough funds to build a sparkling new school, one that stood as a shining example of the power of vision in the face of adversity.” 

I love this girl and can relate completely with her because I think somewhere I’m also like her no just a minute…. It’s not means i am either a teacher or I build any school even I think till now I have not done any great work like her but yeah what ever I think or say to others so I do realise, I have this amazing thing that’s called “Hope”. From childhood to now that only thing didn’t change it’s my only optimistic nature even now I improved so much, practiced so many spiritual and natural things and now I see positive in everything and I think this whole life full of so many incidents and we judge them on our basis good or bad but those are just a teacher for us who try to teach so many things and if we learn so those incidents make us or transform a normal person to an amazing and most beautiful person of this universe.

“Life is really a peerless journey not for only me or some persons but for everyone’s who all take birth on this earth. So just do what you love, go where your heart leads you. Than you will realise eternity of this life, and never leave your hope it’s only thing that make you free from all the fears and difficulties.”

Yeah there might be times when you’ll fall and break even sometimes you’ll think also that there is no more door, no routes and here stoppage of your Life’s journey or you won’t see anyone with you but at that moment you’ll have to realise or use your power of hope or just think this is a challenge or you are going to win this but power of Hope will come to you when you will try or practice to be optimistic or build your attitude to see positive in every circumstances or in everyone. Or you will have to follow the path of spirituality doesn’t matter you are from which country, religion, and caste just trust or make a connection with your GOD or with your soul, try to love and live within the nature as much as possible. Read good books, watch motivational program, talk or discuss with great human-beings aid this process and after few times you will able to see change and transformation in yourself.


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