“A Grateful Thanks To 2016…

“We are always in a hurry to shed the old and embrace the new. But it’s the old yesterday, which has led you to the threshold of tomorrow. So a grateful thanks to that 2016″.

Being an awesome and amazing year of my life. From yesterday night I was thinking what should I do on new year something awesome & suitable for me. Suitable means I’m also normal like others but not completely there is something weird with me I can’t do party, I can’t dance in lots of crowd and loud music I don’t like to get ready and to go outside with a gang or group. 

Ok u can say it’s like I’m an alIan who came here from other planet by mistake something like that “PK” & “Jadoo”.

So while I was trying to sleep at night of 31st randomly a thought come in my mind that everyone are planing for new year, but I’m different means more different so I should do act differently also. And Just last night making me remembrance of all the things and person’s who came in my life that all things happened with me in this year.

And in within that firstly a person’s memory came in my mind who is most amazing & unique person with whom I met till now in my life. Who changed my perception for so many things, who taught me so much and make me confused and curious also. And I have listen somewhere that confusion is good it’s takes u from one level to another.

So At night I just tweeted few tweets on Twitter like thanks to 2016, thanks to all the things and person’s. And after that I slept and in morning I share this thought with my sister “that I’m going to miss 2016 so she said why??? 

I replied there are lots of things happened with me and I’m very grateful for them so she said which things???

I start to making her count that, ” I went in fev. To haridwar & rishikesh trip with her that was my First trip and most beautiful also that all 3 days and especially taking bath in ganga that was so much cold and evening “ganga aarti”.

After that I went chitrakooŠĻ≠ for two days to attending a spiritual and musical programme that was best when first time I losted my control over music and than I understand the power of music it can make us absolute and eternal. ” music is the path that goes to eternity, music is the language of spirit, music can open all the secrets.

And after that I made plan to go banaras ” kaashi” on my birthday “19th July”. And I told to mom she agreed and I just reached there with mom and my younger brother actually kaashi was very especial for me from childhood I wanted to go there don’t no but Bcoz I worship of lord shiva and it can be some connection from before births don’t no actual but after reaching there my wish has completed and Im so happy and it happened in 2016 only.

And yeah there is one more my last trip of Odisha with my sister and her official staff at starting I didn’t want to go but everyone said and especially mom so I went and that was more awesome to go there and especially with all the people who are so generous and humble and for me they are philosophers in their terms. I felt so grateful and said thanks to all of them also, while returning on train we played musical game and that was my first time when I was playing something and singing in the group of people’s who all are so senior. But I loved it I learnt lots of things from them. And this thing also happend in 2016.”

Apart from these trips there are much more like I started to use Twitter in 2016 and now it’s my favourite social site full of philosophers and great person’s and I met also with few ones who all taught me so much and I made few friends also who are very talented and intellectual.

I read so many awesome books also this year and few ones are not so good and I felt regreat also why ?? I read them but even over all at last everything is so beautiful and phenomenal.”

  And these all things given by 2016 so I should definitely say a grateful tanks to 2016.”

And I ended…so she said yeah right,  for u 2016 is great but for me it’s so bad.

I replied, it’s only our thinking we always excited and happy for something new it’s human nature and forget what our past has offered us, may be there are few things that won’t be according to u but it’s not mean whole things which all given by your destiny and God is bad or wrong.

We should remember all the good things happened to us and say thanks to them it’s make us feel awesome and all the bad things also they taught us so many toughest lessons for whole life, now we won’t  fall in future those things ended, now only beautiful thing will be happen.

So She said yeah right, now I just post this on Fb, for others also. And I smiled after that I shared this with my younger brother he also said yeah right so many good things happened this year even nothing wrong, same answered by my mom also. And than I told this with my best friend on what’s app she also said firstly what good happened with you, why are u going to miss this year and I told her she said right but for me it was not good but there are few good things.

So today at morning I decided I should write a blog also to say thanks to 2016 and sharing this thought.

“How can a single thought change whole world, today I saw it’s in actual..

So say happy new year, welcome 2017 and all the years, but don’t forget your yesterday, your old things whatever u r today, wherever u r standing today Bcoz of those all things that happened with u in your past it can be your religion, name, parents, friends, teachers,  or your enemy and difficult situations also.

They all collectively made u today whatever u are, “phenomenal, unique & divine”.

So feel grateful for all the things what u have and what u got from destiny and God, and say thanks to them. 

Than see, u will feel so positive or more stronger than u were. And than your new year will be more beautiful & amazed. It’s just like positive vibrations attract, when we think positive what we have and what we want so we send them good vibrations and we attract them towards us. Than they come so fast to us.

So at last, Thanku 2016 and bye..

And I’m going to also lit a candle on my terrace tonight for celebrating and saying a goodbye to this year. 



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