“INDIA~ Glittering Crown of whole world…..’68th Republic Day.


“Glittering crown of whole world, pride of this earth , From Land to rising sun ~ only “INDIA 🇮🇳

“Shining oasis of Nature & spiritualism, Origin of whole world and all nations.’The sacred Land ~ “INDIA 🇮🇳 

 “Republic day, 26th January an day to make us remember of all our pride, and our golden legacy of grand culture, world’s extensive constitution, our diversity & unity, our justice, liberty and equality. 

This is 68th year of our honouring constitution, so let’s remind and revitalise, what it took to get here & always strive to make our country and it’s people proud and Love.!!

A big salute to our beautiful country and our army and all forces who are all serves us and our nation and one of them is our ‘constitution ‘ and who made this world’s biggest constitution which is full of diversity and equality. And due to this now India wonderfully progressing each & every day and in coming few time India will be on the top of this whole world. Like an leading country.



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Dreamer...,Thinker, Writer, Love philosophy & philosophical persons, believe in GOD live in music.!! I have created my own world full of beauty & hope.

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