Meet! With Dt. Divya kapoor a successful antreprenure with an extraordinary Dream to recreate this world.”

completely justifying with this famous quote of ‘Hippocrates’

Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food.”

This is a much needed quote to follow in this modern world we all need to healthy food to stay fit. 

A proper diet is the core of food if we always follow a diet than there will be no need of doctors in the future and whole world and every one will be healthy and fit. Diet is the universe’s best doctor in itself. “

Dietians are who tell us the way or basis of life, they are caring individuals who translate the science of nutrition into daily advice for health promotion and disease management, dietians do not simply teach patients to watch their diets. Instead, motivate and provide nutrition, counselling to improve them in making healthier, food choices, and eating behaviour to meet their nutrition needs. But inspite of these all godly and extraordinary qualities makes dietians great entity, but even they are also human being or enjoy and love their food as we normal peoples love.

So here Dt. Divya Kapoor from Diet clinic who is a daughter, wife, mother but most important a women who is living so many lives in one lives of herself with a Dream.. that also not any small or ordinary dream this is *The Dream* of making this whole world and all the lives more better and healthier that’s very difficult but as a being optimistic women She Hopes……..and one day make this possible also. 

A women who is adventurous and sport-loving who believe that “Biggest risk is not taking any risk” so see a dream and just jumped to made it. Bcoz,

” Dar ke aage Jeet h” or Dew bhi so take it even, there is always 

“Victory  beyond  the  Fear” 

So that women who’s goal is helping peoples achieve their health goal is today a successful entrepreneur not because she think from mind or earn lots of money, but because she has a golden heart or she know to see dreams and transform them into reality also, because she know how to laugh and make others also, because she know very well how to manage time and this is the secret of her successful venture.

Like we say a single thought is the seed of whole thing so like this a thought of spreading awareness for the good and better health and her work-hard, believe, and self-rely build-up this venture successfully, this whole journey started from 2005, 11 years ago, when first branch of our venture opened from that day we are unstoppable and now we have 24 branches or in future we have plan to open our branches in whole world For serving everyone without any boundaries and walls. And her secret philosophy is 

 “Nothing is Impossible”

Even impossible “I’m possible” is also a positive term in itself. 


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