I am still alive

Why I’m alive, why there is something left,

When there is no mirth and fest to celebrate, 

There are still few breaths in my chest,

No layer on upper surface and None in depth,

As a neutron’s motion & vibe!

I am still alive!

When neither a story nor any dream,

No tears, noise and scream,

When there is neither journey nor destination,

No cloud of imagination,

Where I fly, when I don’t know this is either earth or sky!

I’m still alive!

I see the stars in the dark night,

Talk with the blowing wind,

Making art of those hidden parts and also interacting with mind,

I’m trying to revive!

I’m still alive!

I’m not seeing any sunshine & moonlight,

Either there is too dark or too bright,

No sight in my eyes!

I’m still alive!

~Nidhi suryavanshi


Till That You Are Powerless Like A Child

Till that you are soft & powerless like a child,

Till that you are delicate & fragile like a flower in the wild!

Till that you are immature like a new-born infant,

till then live inside of me as my pennant!

Like a plant lives in shadow and shade,

When come under sunlight get to fade!

Now you’ll get hurt by any small injury,

You’ll incinerate by a small fire,

You’ll get stumbled only in few steps,

You’ll slide from less higher!

Therefore, till then you live inside of me inside of my heart…

You’ll get dirty from very less dust & sand,

Now you’ll get easily bent,

So till then you live in me, inside of my heart…

When power will comes in you, life will be illuminated & breathe,

Strength will knock your door or enter into your heart as a sheathe,

When you’ll do your own help,

You’ll be get glittering star in itself!

You’ll drink fire-nectar, then you go out and run,

Then you will be sacred after playing in dust,

Then you’ll be you, no cover; no shell is must!

And then you’ll be free after binding in all bonds,

You’ll be unraveled after embroil,

You’ll be you after how much fly!

Then you will stand down and stand,

 You’ll stay connected instead being unkempt,

Therefore, till then you live inside of me, Inside of my heart!

As a subtle & subliminal part…

~Nidhi suryavanshi

Let It Go…

Let it go, Let it go 

When you can’t hold it back anymore!

There was a star in life,

Supposedly, he was very loveable & bright,

He drowned and drowned so tight;

In hard somewhere full of dark,

But this is a freedom fight!

Look at sky’s fate,

How many loved ones are left,

How many stars it broke in the depth,

Where are those who got lost;

Speak on the broken stars

When Sky celebrates mourning,

When it dull his shining!

So let it go!

In life he was a saffron,

You were on it random,

It dried up and dried up;

Look at forest’s chest,

Dry how much its buds in rest,

How many wall showers

Speak on dry flowers 

Where was the blush again;

When forest makes noise in its name!

So let it go!

Life was a honey cup,

You had given up 

He broke and broke;

Look at the courtyard of the restaurant,

How many bowls are shaken,

Fall into the soil,

When do they fall down;

Speak on broken bowls

When the winters regret

So why you expect!

let it go!

Made of soft soils,

Beach is only bloated,

Short life has come,

The cups are broken,

Still inside the bar

Sweetness of honey is salt.

When I cry, when I yells

What passed away is worthless! 

Don’t hold all your past and what you did last,

 Live in present and enjoy only its accent,

See a dream that makes your tomorrow significant!

So Let it go…

~Nidhi suryavanshi

Immerse your Soul In Love

You must immerse your soul in an unfamiliar and eternal world in order to truly understand your own.

~ unknown

“Immerse yourself in Nature’s symphony and let your senses burst with joy.”

Eternal sunshine of the soul ~ towards the light…

You are beautiful, Deep down to your soul…

Love live in heart and your heart is in your soul…

Grow your soul through the love of your heart…

Pursuit Of Happiness

Happiness comes through struggle,

Happiness comes through suffering,

And pursuit of happiness is pursuit of reality if we want to get something that gives us ultimate and true happiness so we’ll have to find the reality of life and face actual and ‘The Life… and definitely this is not going to be easy.

Life is busy and full of labor. With what time is left after that we attempt leisure. Is there anything else to life but labor and leisure? There is a thing in our favour~      “Pursuit of Happiness.”

We first have children representing youth, then ripe grain representing adulthood, and then finally the setting sun representing old age. We travel through an entire lifetime in the course of four lines! To well find~ journey of mine.!!

Life gives us happiness when it completely takes ourselves, takes all that inside of us and then fills us from their new colors…

I know that’s not fair but life can’t be according to us, there is we are, and we’ll be have to move on…acorrding to life.

However, here I can be sure that those colors will be definitely not sad and dull they will be surely colors of eternal & true happiness.

Sometimes we think we are creating ourselves; we are deciding our future but no, never its a life which takes us with herself and live in a place, and we thought we discovered this one.. no, no.

We are almost actors who are doing work in a play of life and that also without knowing a whole story, we only listen a part through someone who is invisible, who is mystical maybe its name is life.

And we start to play according to scene and in this story, we all have lots of things are same like starting and ending…

And except few ones all have same scenes, dialogues and incidents.

And those few ones are honest, strong, and who has their authenticity and uniqueness who has some innocence, but I think life doesn’t like innocent people thats way it gives more focus on these types of peoples or plays them until a beautiful music didn’t come out from them or transformed into a strong and hard-hitting person.

Even so Life is life this is the real teacher makes us from nothing to everything if we didn’t give up, or if we are actual learners, or if we are true finder. 

Life is just a mystery sometimes it make us cry, sometimes makes us happy and from this we all have to pursuit our happiness it’s same for almost everyone but it’s different also for some ones.!!

To be continued…

What The Heart Wants

We all have the mind and heart, the two most powerful things,

And these both are our wings…

of course, mind has more power it nourish all & even our blink,

But heart makes me swing between you & everything…

Mind handles all, and it can be manageable,

but our heart is beautiful, innocent & very loveable…

The heart makes us blind and in the next moment makes us resolved,

It fills us so high but in the next moment ties it in a knot…

What The Heart Wants!!

The heart wants what it wants…

 dosen’t matter,

That is generous for us or not, that is right or wrong,

That is easy or hard,

But the heart wants what it wants!!

What is this in the heart that it hurts so much, why does not it think,

Why does the heart like anyone, anything  How it looks and feels…

Why it cries, and what it demands,

When the night falls, it is often lost…

What The Heart Wants!!

Heart breaks up and can join,

It can be your, and also can be mine…

It is more alcoholic than wine,

But it also illuminating like sun-shine,

This is the nature’s most subliminal art…

The heart wants what it wants!!

Why is the heart so stubborn, why does not it understand,

Why The heart Wants you & everything without any limit, and pennant…

Just a moment, an only glimpse of you,

Is a closest and forever view,

Put on my path…

What The Heart Wants!!

This is not a mirror, but you look clear in this,

This is not a river, but you float in this,

So heart is what? 

Why The Heart Wants What It Wants!!

It makes me sad, gives me pain,

it makes me blush and heals all my wounded veins,

It makes me talk with the stars at night and dances in the rain,

It makes me join you in dreams every day like a insane,

It scares me, stares me, but still takes your name.

And this is worst but in all the rest, mine best, ‘part…


What The Heart Wants? 

Freedom of Speech

“In last two year i heard so much about in this word “Freedom of speech” why everyone needed this ?? I thought much on its importance and researched it and i find this is good thing, and also agree everyone should have a right to speak and express what they feel.

However, here I think a bit differently “freedom of speech” is good but firstly,  should be “Freedom of thinking” its great. We should give more priority to thinking than speaking. 

We know very well to speak even more to speak but never learn what to speak and when. That’s way much peoples becomes stupid also when they speak, and make fun of their self.

So most important, firstly,  we should think that what we’re going to speak and why? It will be useful for anyone or not, if yes! So we must speak.

I have read somewhere, 

“There is no meaning in our life from that day when we start to be silent on important matters.”

So speak if you can make any change, if your perspective, and vision can be helpful for any single person or living being. I mostly love to be silent but speak and discuss when something completely stuck in my mind or continues wandering within me – like this topic so now, I decided to write it although, I feel.

“Only when break your silence, when there is something can be better and awesome.”

As I’m seeing now days if any person says something according to his mind- set and  wisdom, he thinks even we all think while saying something that, this is absolutely going to ‘rock’ but after that we realize its went ‘shock. 

But even after realizing we don’t accept our mistakes or make it clear, because than we will get little 2 inches or when you have already small height, so there is no chance to taking risk. Even, I’m not here to discuss anyone’s height but most important topic, ” Freedom of speech” I saw one thing more usually, at most those people talk about this topic or raise their voice in this much heavy tone that aliens also can hear, those who can shout loudly, who have enough platform and much peoples to listen, who do all the things. They fight for rights who use some extra and other’s  as well. And in actual those all peoples that didn’t  have any right in spite of they don’t know what are their rights?  Example- peoples of our small villages, poor people, middle-class families, adivasis, and illiterate persons and who all those don’t have anyone to listen. This “Freedom of speech” suitable for those all. Even so now our intellectuals are saying that don’t listen or take seriously to uneducated and wrestlers they don’t matter, because they connected with sand that’s our country’s pride and identity, but we don’t care because we never let touch our feet to dust so let them do anything they are not persons, only we are maybe because we have some extra and special body organs like two brain and four eyes. Conversely more money and so many followers from same mind level who always ready to jump in well with us. Only listen to us, who take complete responsibility to improve this world and to become the guardian of a whole world at least, we are extra-educated means we have gotten a degree from marsh and moon also, try to understand we have been extra right to say anyone, anything, jump within anyone’s matter and be an official advisor of everyone’s.

like this now day anyone stands and says anything it can be shit or more than this. Just a minute, anyone means only person hope so, animals and trees as well have a right to, ” Freedom of speech” I’m full Sure they speak much better than us ‘educated & sense-less fools. There is in India anyone can say anything,  whatever inside of their mind dirt, garbage and nobody can stop them because there is “Freedom of speech” the biggest right of Indians even I think now don’t give them food and water, or maybe they can live without oxygen besides if you give them “Freedom of speech.”

 Anyone sleeps at night, wake up and think let’s do something ‘tufaani‘ grand and  its not actual doing some good action its mean only says something on the soft topic that can hit so many, that’s it. So there are so many I can’t make everyone count here but yeah few are very interesting you can see them on social sites, YouTube, Twitter, Fb.

Like there is a miss- ‘peace’ I don’t want to take her name here because she has become very popular or if now she gets more so it can be harmful also for her health. 

She comes on social site and said on a very important topic of our country, relationship between Pakistan and India. She said, she wants peace means ‘the first peace- loving person of India’ after mathma gandhi and she doesn’t want, India did war with Pakistan after all India the most cruel country in whole world and Pakistan is a most peaceful and humble country so India should not fight with them or make them distraught. It means wow! I really like it ‘her message and the way. In most creative ways she gave her message to the world even without speaking.

 However, who gave this strong message in the front of the whole world, so I think her responsibility increases she should make more effort for peace if she actually wanted, because if only things were to say, then we know what the result would be.

After giving her message what we got as outcome, that’s not at all peace, in fact, its so much chaos and noise because somewhere in her message showing a blame on India, who always lost there so many soldiers and public lives because of pak terrorist or forces, and we never try to make harm to anyone even when we did surgical strike than also we shoot only theirs terrorist neither a single soldier nor a normal person. 

So it may be its not her plan and intention but something went wrong in her message and its her responsibility to clarify this but what she, miss. ‘Peace’ did after throwing all the dirt she said to let me go. I get tired and now there is no relation between me and this whole matter, and I ended up my all work. That’s   giving a very strange message being an Indian, including a great word ‘peace’.

And today she is a very popular young girl in our country. She has so many followers included many leaders, intellectuals and others. And her parents are saying her girl is just a child and what she did its alright means really! Make your child grow or teach her meaning of peace and about in Mahatma gandhi and so many who make free India from the yoke of 150 years not only by saying. I want peace instead of they fought so hard with the help of silence & peace saves how many lives or gave a strong message or a great path to the whole world.

 India is the most peaceful, humble and spiritual country in a whole world. This is sacred land of God, rishis, culture, meditation, spiritualism and yoga. India never attacked on any other country instead saves and fights for so many countries and there’s right. And this fact known by whole world, and they follow India’s and Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of ‘ truth & non- violence’.

And being an student of India’s best university, you also know very well these every truth and facts or if don’t know so read before saying anything worse about in India. 

Conversely, don’t follow only ‘freedom of speech’ and freedom of expression, there is much freedom already we all have exactly thought about it or just think and for those as well who don’t know even about in freedom or expression and speech. If you want peace, so we all and whole India also so make some real effort to make peace in India and in the whole world.

The ocean

“How the ocean was formed in the language of science, 

But how the ocean was incarnate in language of mine,?

Why is the ocean so much beautiful and marvellous,

“When for some reason two people sit together,

looking out at it they stop caring wheather!

they talk or stay silent.”

How can this bigger and full-filled ocean make silent to our louder minds & restless soul…?

“We never get tired of watching it and no matter, how rough the waves,

We’r never bothered by the noise the water makes …

by the commotion of surface!

It never seems too loud, or too wild,

Like a playful & fickle child!

So what is like this something in ocean,

How we can also be happen,

Like – ocean!


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