Freedom of Speech

“In last two year i heard so much about in this word “Freedom of speech” why everyone needed this ?? I thought much on its importance and researched it and i find this is good thing, and also agree everyone should have a right to speak and express what they feel.

However, here I think a bit differently “freedom of speech” is good but firstly,  should be “Freedom of thinking” its great. We should give more priority to thinking than speaking. 

We know very well to speak even more to speak but never learn what to speak and when. That’s way much peoples becomes stupid also when they speak, and make fun of their self.

So most important, firstly,  we should think that what we’re going to speak and why? It will be useful for anyone or not, if yes! So we must speak.

I have read somewhere, 

“There is no meaning in our life from that day when we start to be silent on important matters.”

So speak if you can make any change, if your perspective, and vision can be helpful for any single person or living being. I mostly love to be silent but speak and discuss when something completely stuck in my mind or continues wandering within me – like this topic so now, I decided to write it although, I feel.

“Only when break your silence, when there is something can be better and awesome.”

As I’m seeing now days if any person says something according to his mind- set and  wisdom, he thinks even we all think while saying something that, this is absolutely going to ‘rock’ but after that we realize its went ‘shock. 

But even after realizing we don’t accept our mistakes or make it clear, because than we will get little 2 inches or when you have already small height, so there is no chance to taking risk. Even, I’m not here to discuss anyone’s height but most important topic, ” Freedom of speech” I saw one thing more usually, at most those people talk about this topic or raise their voice in this much heavy tone that aliens also can hear, those who can shout loudly, who have enough platform and much peoples to listen, who do all the things. They fight for rights who use some extra and other’s  as well. And in actual those all peoples that didn’t  have any right in spite of they don’t know what are their rights?  Example- peoples of our small villages, poor people, middle-class families, adivasis, and illiterate persons and who all those don’t have anyone to listen. This “Freedom of speech” suitable for those all. Even so now our intellectuals are saying that don’t listen or take seriously to uneducated and wrestlers they don’t matter, because they connected with sand that’s our country’s pride and identity, but we don’t care because we never let touch our feet to dust so let them do anything they are not persons, only we are maybe because we have some extra and special body organs like two brain and four eyes. Conversely more money and so many followers from same mind level who always ready to jump in well with us. Only listen to us, who take complete responsibility to improve this world and to become the guardian of a whole world at least, we are extra-educated means we have gotten a degree from marsh and moon also, try to understand we have been extra right to say anyone, anything, jump within anyone’s matter and be an official advisor of everyone’s.

like this now day anyone stands and says anything it can be shit or more than this. Just a minute, anyone means only person hope so, animals and trees as well have a right to, ” Freedom of speech” I’m full Sure they speak much better than us ‘educated & sense-less fools. There is in India anyone can say anything,  whatever inside of their mind dirt, garbage and nobody can stop them because there is “Freedom of speech” the biggest right of Indians even I think now don’t give them food and water, or maybe they can live without oxygen besides if you give them “Freedom of speech.”

 Anyone sleeps at night, wake up and think let’s do something ‘tufaani‘ grand and  its not actual doing some good action its mean only says something on the soft topic that can hit so many, that’s it. So there are so many I can’t make everyone count here but yeah few are very interesting you can see them on social sites, YouTube, Twitter, Fb.

Like there is a miss- ‘peace’ I don’t want to take her name here because she has become very popular or if now she gets more so it can be harmful also for her health. 

She comes on social site and said on a very important topic of our country, relationship between Pakistan and India. She said, she wants peace means ‘the first peace- loving person of India’ after mathma gandhi and she doesn’t want, India did war with Pakistan after all India the most cruel country in whole world and Pakistan is a most peaceful and humble country so India should not fight with them or make them distraught. It means wow! I really like it ‘her message and the way. In most creative ways she gave her message to the world even without speaking.

 However, who gave this strong message in the front of the whole world, so I think her responsibility increases she should make more effort for peace if she actually wanted, because if only things were to say, then we know what the result would be.

After giving her message what we got as outcome, that’s not at all peace, in fact, its so much chaos and noise because somewhere in her message showing a blame on India, who always lost there so many soldiers and public lives because of pak terrorist or forces, and we never try to make harm to anyone even when we did surgical strike than also we shoot only theirs terrorist neither a single soldier nor a normal person. 

So it may be its not her plan and intention but something went wrong in her message and its her responsibility to clarify this but what she, miss. ‘Peace’ did after throwing all the dirt she said to let me go. I get tired and now there is no relation between me and this whole matter, and I ended up my all work. That’s   giving a very strange message being an Indian, including a great word ‘peace’.

And today she is a very popular young girl in our country. She has so many followers included many leaders, intellectuals and others. And her parents are saying her girl is just a child and what she did its alright means really! Make your child grow or teach her meaning of peace and about in Mahatma gandhi and so many who make free India from the yoke of 150 years not only by saying. I want peace instead of they fought so hard with the help of silence & peace saves how many lives or gave a strong message or a great path to the whole world.

 India is the most peaceful, humble and spiritual country in a whole world. This is sacred land of God, rishis, culture, meditation, spiritualism and yoga. India never attacked on any other country instead saves and fights for so many countries and there’s right. And this fact known by whole world, and they follow India’s and Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy of ‘ truth & non- violence’.

And being an student of India’s best university, you also know very well these every truth and facts or if don’t know so read before saying anything worse about in India. 

Conversely, don’t follow only ‘freedom of speech’ and freedom of expression, there is much freedom already we all have exactly thought about it or just think and for those as well who don’t know even about in freedom or expression and speech. If you want peace, so we all and whole India also so make some real effort to make peace in India and in the whole world.


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