What The Heart Wants

We all have the mind and heart, the two most powerful things,

And these both are our wings…

of course, mind has more power it nourish all & even our blink,

But heart makes me swing between you & everything…

Mind handles all, and it can be manageable,

but our heart is beautiful, innocent & very loveable…

The heart makes us blind and in the next moment makes us resolved,

It fills us so high but in the next moment ties it in a knot…

What The Heart Wants!!

The heart wants what it wants…

 dosen’t matter,

That is generous for us or not, that is right or wrong,

That is easy or hard,

But the heart wants what it wants!!

What is this in the heart that it hurts so much, why does not it think,

Why does the heart like anyone, anything  How it looks and feels…

Why it cries, and what it demands,

When the night falls, it is often lost…

What The Heart Wants!!

Heart breaks up and can join,

It can be your, and also can be mine…

It is more alcoholic than wine,

But it also illuminating like sun-shine,

This is the nature’s most subliminal art…

The heart wants what it wants!!

Why is the heart so stubborn, why does not it understand,

Why The heart Wants you & everything without any limit, and pennant…

Just a moment, an only glimpse of you,

Is a closest and forever view,

Put on my path…

What The Heart Wants!!

This is not a mirror, but you look clear in this,

This is not a river, but you float in this,

So heart is what? 

Why The Heart Wants What It Wants!!

It makes me sad, gives me pain,

it makes me blush and heals all my wounded veins,

It makes me talk with the stars at night and dances in the rain,

It makes me join you in dreams every day like a insane,

It scares me, stares me, but still takes your name.

And this is worst but in all the rest, mine best, ‘part…


What The Heart Wants? 

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