Pursuit Of Happiness

Happiness comes through struggle,

Happiness comes through suffering,

And pursuit of happiness is pursuit of reality if we want to get something that gives us ultimate and true happiness so we’ll have to find the reality of life and face actual and ‘The Life… and definitely this is not going to be easy.

Life is busy and full of labor. With what time is left after that we attempt leisure. Is there anything else to life but labor and leisure? There is a thing in our favour~      “Pursuit of Happiness.”

We first have children representing youth, then ripe grain representing adulthood, and then finally the setting sun representing old age. We travel through an entire lifetime in the course of four lines! To well find~ journey of mine.!!

Life gives us happiness when it completely takes ourselves, takes all that inside of us and then fills us from their new colors…

I know that’s not fair but life can’t be according to us, there is we are, and we’ll be have to move on…acorrding to life.

However, here I can be sure that those colors will be definitely not sad and dull they will be surely colors of eternal & true happiness.

Sometimes we think we are creating ourselves; we are deciding our future but no, never its a life which takes us with herself and live in a place, and we thought we discovered this one.. no, no.

We are almost actors who are doing work in a play of life and that also without knowing a whole story, we only listen a part through someone who is invisible, who is mystical maybe its name is life.

And we start to play according to scene and in this story, we all have lots of things are same like starting and ending…

And except few ones all have same scenes, dialogues and incidents.

And those few ones are honest, strong, and who has their authenticity and uniqueness who has some innocence, but I think life doesn’t like innocent people thats way it gives more focus on these types of peoples or plays them until a beautiful music didn’t come out from them or transformed into a strong and hard-hitting person.

Even so Life is life this is the real teacher makes us from nothing to everything if we didn’t give up, or if we are actual learners, or if we are true finder. 

Life is just a mystery sometimes it make us cry, sometimes makes us happy and from this we all have to pursuit our happiness it’s same for almost everyone but it’s different also for some ones.!!

To be continued…

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