The Traveler

Raaste me h abhi…

Chl chuke ab tk lakhoṅ mil,

 Phir bhi mazboor h ye dil,

Kahne ko,

Ha raaste me h abhi!

Ja rhe h kha? 

Khuch pana h,

Accha kya? 

Khuch bhi, 

Pta nhi pr khuch to hoga hi…

Chal rahe h tab hi!

Hm to raaste me h abhi!

Ek pl roya h Yha,

Ek pal khoya h Yha,

Suna tha kabhi bas ek pal ka safar h,

Yha pal chhoro, kai Sadiya gujar gayi,

Mai sukoon se soya hi nhi!

Kyu ?

Kyonki raaste me h abhi…

Accha Ha yaad aaya,

Kb thamega ye safar, kb rukega ye kadam,

Kb ek lambi aah bharoge karke in aaṅkhoṅ ko bnd,

Kb jioge ye zindagi,

Zindagi ???

Ha zindagi,

Ye kya h ?

Hamne to kabhi jana hi nhi,


Kyonki raaste me h abhi…

Accha Ha bhool jata hu baar baar ab yaadast khuch kamjor si ho gayi,

Ha to sahab zindagi wo h jo aapko jine ke liye mili thi kabhi,

Khair, aap to raaste me h abhi,

Pahuchiyega jb khI kisi manzil pr to ji lijiega thoṛi si zindagi,

Kahte h khuda ke khoobasoorat tohafe si h,

H Khuch phoolo. Ki bhini-bhini mahak si,

Dil me uṭhti us ajeeb kasak si,

Or kabhi thandi hawa ke jhoko si,

Bachpan me khelte us kho-kho si,

Or kabhi Raat ki chadar me chupi chaṅdni si,

Khuch khuch Rimjhim baarish si,

Phir h kabhi ye dhalti shaam si,

Or kabhi ootho pe bikhri wo halki muskaan si,

To kabhi Subha-Subha pachhiyo ki chahchati awaj si,

Khuch khuch adarc ki chai, or aaj ke akhbaar si,

Kahte h Khuch aisi si h zindagi,

Khair, aap to raaste me h abhi…

Nidhi singh 

Hindi Translation-

रास्ते में हैं अभी…

चल चूके अब तक लाखों मील,

फिर भी मजबूर है ये दिल,

कहने को, हाँ रास्ते में हैं अभी।

जा रहें हैं कहाँ ? 

कुछ पाना है, 

अच्छा क्या?

कुछ भी…

पता नहीं पर कुछ तो होगा ही,

चल रहें है तभी,

हम तो रास्ते में हैं अभी।

एक पल रोया है यहाँ,

एक पल खोया है यहाँ,

सुना था कभी बस एक पल का सफ़र है,

एक पल तो छोड़ो, कई सदियाँ गुज़र गयी,

मैं सुकून से सोया ही नहीं।

क्यूँ ?

क्योंकि रास्ते में हैं अभी…

अच्छा हाँ याद आया।

कब थमेगा ये सफ़र, कब रूकेगा ये क़दम,

कब एक लम्बी आँह भरोगे करके इन आँखों को बन्द।

कब जियोगे ये ज़िन्दगी…

ज़िन्दगी ???

हाँ ज़िन्दगी।

ये क्या है?

हमने तो कभी जाना ही नहीं,


क्योंकि रास्ते में हैं अभी।

अच्छा हाँ भूल जाता हूँ बार-बार अब याददाश्त कुछ कमज़ोर सी हो गयी,

हाँ तो साहब ज़िन्दगी वो है जो आपको जिने के लिये मिली थी कभी,

ख़ैर, आप तो रास्ते में हैं अभी।

पहुँचियेगा जब कहीं किसी मन्जिल पर तो जी लिजियेगा,

थोड़ी सी ज़िन्दगी,

कहते हैं खुदा के ख़ूबसूरत तोहफ़े सी है,

है कुछ फूलों की भिनी-भिनी महक सी,

कभी दिल में उठती उस अजीब कसक सी,

और कभी ठंडी हवा के झोंकों सी,

बचपन में खेलते उस खो-खो सी,

और कभी रात की चादर में छुपी चाँदनी सी,

कुछ-कुछ रिमझिम बारिश सी,

फिर है कभी ये ढलती शाम सी,

और कभी ओठों पे बिखरी वो हल्की मुस्कान सी,

तो कभी सुबह -सुबह पक्षीयों की चहचहाती आवाज़ सी,

कुछ-कुछ अदरक की चाय, और आज के अख़बार सी,

कहते हैं कुछ ऐसी सी है ये ज़िन्दगी,

ख़ैर, आप तो रास्ते में हैं अभी।


THE WAR- A Positive Outlook Towards The War

Since childhood, I have read a sentence and it always helps me to understand everything that every coin has two sides like good, bad, right and wrong, so if there is war then it can not be the only definition of evil There will also be a good part of the war. And after reading the book of Krishna and why he taught Arjuna to fight, how can anyone God teach to fight someone, he can do all things perfect and peaceful without the war, but why did he not do it? ? So surely there will be some hidden and excellent teaching or doctrine which became clear after reading this book and it is great and it has completely explained to me why war is important. There is a most important rule of nature The way we all know is “change.” There should be changes everywhere and with everything in the rules, policies and with the peoples or thoughts.

The entire structure of our life is held together by the conflict, survival of its opposites –and war is a part of the suffering , tension that is life. And those who think that war is totally harmful and destructive are wrong; their vision is fragmentary, myopic. If we try to understand the course of development that man and his civilization have followed, we will realize that war plays the largest share in its growth. All of man’s modern affluence, backed by scientific inventions and high technology –indeed all his achievements –basically owe their existence to war. In fact, war creates such a state of tension in the mind of man and presents such challenges, that our dormant energies are shaken to their roots and, as a result, they awaken and act. We can afford to be lazy and lethargic in times of peace, but moments of war are quite different.

War provokes our dynamism. Confronted with extraordinary challenges, our sleeping energies have to awaken and assert themselves. That is why, during a war, we function as extraordinary people; we simply cease to be the ordinary people that we are. Confronted with the challenge of war, man’s brain begins to function at its highest level and capacity. In times of war man’s intelligence takes a great leap forward, one it would ordinarily take centuries to make. Many people think that if Krishna had prevented the war of Mahabharata, India would have attained to great affluence, she would have touched high peaks of growth and greatness. But the truth is just the opposite. If we had had a few more people of Krishna’s caliber and had fought more wars like the Mahabharata, we would have been at the pinnacle of our growth today.

About five thousand years have passed since the Mahabharata, and for these five thousand years we have not fought a single major war. The wars we have had since then were baby wars in comparison with that epic war of the Kurukshetra. They have been quite petty and insignificant. Indeed it would be wrong to even call them wars, they were petty fights and skirmishes. Had we only fought some major wars we would be the richest and most advanced country on this planet today. But our present state of affairs is just the opposite: we are at the bottom of the ladder. The countries that fought great wars are at the pinnacle of development and prosperity today. At the end of the First World War people thought Germany was destroyed, debilitated for good. But in just twenty years, in the Second World War, Germany emerged as an infinitely more powerful country than the Germany of the First World War. No one could have even dreamed this country could fight another war after she was so badly beaten in the first. Seemingly, there was no possibility for Germany to go to war for hundreds of years. But just in twenty years time the miracle happened, and Germany emerged as a giant world power. Why? –because with will and vigor this country utilized the energies released by the First World War. With the conclusion of the Second World War it seemed that there might be no more wars in the world. But, so soon, the powers that fought it are ready for a much deadlier and dreadful war than the last. And the two countries –Germany and Japan –that suffered the worst destruction and defeat in the last war have emerged, amazingly, as two of the most affluent countries in the world. Who can say, after visiting today’s Japan, that only twenty years ago atom bombs fell on this country? Of course, after visiting present-day India, one could say that this country has been subjected to recurring atomic bombardments. One look at our wretched state can make one think that, down the ages, we have been through unending destruction brought about by war after war. The Mahabharata is not responsible for India’s degradation and misery. The long line of teachers that came in the shadow of that war were all against war, and they used the Mahabharata to further their anti-war stance. Pointing to that great war they said, “What a terrible war! What appalling violence! No, no more of such wars! No more of such bloodshed!” It was unfortunate we failed to produce a line of people of the caliber of Krishna and also failed to fight more Mahabharatas.

We do not say that we have to fight every day but all things should be the limit and I know that India is a very peaceful country, we have never attacked the first on any other country. We always help and support others, Many of India’s soldiers die in the peace mission of the world, but today whatever is happening with India, through Pakistan, it is actually worst, especially because of Pakistan in Kashmir. There is a lot of suffering, at this time we are going through big unrest and loss. Every day we are losing our soldiers and most important our peace, we have been living for so long And avoiding the war because we never want to hurt others, but when we are hurt due to the avoidance of war and disturbance creating due to saving peace so now we have to change the policy of not fighting war and to make full peace There is a big need to fight the big war which is against the wrong that teach us in our scriptures and the Krishna in Geeta. 

The Human Library 

The Human Library Where You Borrow People Instead of Books ..a traditional library and a Human Library – the former loans out books, and the latter, humans.. at a Human Library a ‘reader’ checks out a person who is knowledgeable on a specific topic. The reader then has an allotted amount of time to ask the person questions and learn about the topic ..Human Library started in Denmark.. Readers have the opportunity to borrow from – a police officer, a veteran, a single mom, a Muslim, a teacher, a refugee – the list goes on..already operational in 70 countries across the world..I liked the concept!!

Books offer tons of knowledge, humans go beyond and can offer experience and wisdom in addition. Great idea and a path breaking concept that has taken teaching to the next level. 

There are all the books, scriptures, and all the innovations made by human. When a human writes a book, then there is only a part or shadow of his shows throughout his book, and it never ended a human can made thousand of books, create many of artistic creations. All the scriptures are on earth because of humans a human-being is just limitless, and his knowledge is infinite like the universe as much as we go inside of it will be deep and long. There are all the universes is inside of a human who is well-managed and organised their knowledge and teaching. 

This is really amazing anc awesome to read a human than a book, in fact, I love to observe peoples and read their nature, psychology and mindset it’s always so interesting and curious for me to meet and talk or read and listen philosophical and eminent personalities but most of the time I didn’t find these types of people around me so easily and that’s way I started to use Twitter, LinkedIn, and WordPress these three websites full of intellectuals and unique personalities here I can discuss all and get good knowledge and inspirational things to learn. And sometimes I meet with few ones who are really nice one to talk and teach. However, this human library is completely awesome thing started and also shows a new phase of evolution in our teaching and evolution and growth of our mind and personality that we understand now we need more to learn then a book…

A book can teach us those things which are included within the subject of a book. But an extraordinary and sublime human can teach us all the things and important aspects of our life’s, I’m really so happy to read about in this, and that’s way I’m sharing this with you all I know you all will also love this like me because this is for us writers and readers.

And I want this innovative idea will spread so fast in whole world and in my country also but before that we have to make famous as our libraries and books after that we will reach on this higher point of reading a human.


“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, 

And returns home to find it!

That actual & lovely home is only within,

Absolutely perfect way to return the real home,

That is our subtle soul!

Is only a beautiful & boundless heart painted by art…

Art is your emotions flowing in a river of imagination,

With the eternal motion,

And where heart touches the incessant feelings commotion,

A true work of art is, but a shadow of the divine ocean!

Art is a line around your infinite thoughts,

Which turned into a limitless path,

But it would so easily passed,

And has only single way which leads to the forth!
Today Google dedicated a Google Doodle to celebrate jamini Roy was an Indian painter. He was honoured with the State award of Padma Bhushan in 1955. He was one of the most famous pupils of Abanindranath Tagore, whose artistic originality and contribution to the emergence of modern art in India remains unquestionable. on what would have been his 130th anniversary. So I thought to write a few lines as a tribute to all the artist of this whole world who are mirror images of God. There are few amazing art work of Roy.

 The Dream

Dear Love, for nothing less than you,

I can be your’s and you can be me,

Would I broke this happy dream,

It was only a theme…

For reason, much too strong for fantasy,

Therefore you waked me wisely; yet

You didn’t break my dream, but continued it,

You are so true & genuine, your thoughts suffice to me!

To make dream, truths and fable histories,

As lighting, or a taper’s light your eyes, and not your noise, waked me;

Yet I thought thee…

For your lovers truth- an angel at first sight;

But when I saw you; I saw a golden heart,

With a hidden and saddest part,

And knew my thoughts beyond an angel’s art!

When you came to know what I dreamt, when you know when,

Excess of joy would wake me, and jerked then,

I must confess it,

You could not choose me, but think once it can be;

I am profane to think about in you,

You are heaven with the sacred & beautiful view,

And I am eternal dark without the light, that is you, only you!

Coming and staying showed you;

But rising makes me doubt that now, you are not you!

That Love is weak where Fear is as strong as he;

This is not all spirit pure and brave,

If mixture it of fear, shame, honour have!


In the enchanted spell of the night,

 With the splend of the moonlight,

The billions of stars twinkle in sky,

 And thy dreams blossom in my eyes!

Your love kept me alive yet,

But your silence says, forget love and awaked,

Let’s act in the rest!

Now there is nothing rest for me,

I dreamt of you, and it can be,

If you want to choose me,

Could be a another dream, what we would like to see!

~Nidhi suryavanshi

The Night

Night is very beautiful like God has decorated a special place,

For the spread of its coloured & incessant rays, 

where the moon is a bright light in the dark night, which is changing its shape to all the days.

Where the stars look like in the sky, as God has given diamonds in somebody’s attire Which illuminating all the ways.

Where slow wind is flowing and says,

Let me touch your lovely face!

Night, where everything looks more divine,

Where silence also sings a melodious rhyme!

Where all the eternal souls come to earth and make us realize their especial state,

Where all the birds return to their nest,

Night, where all are at rest!

In night When someone is awake, so he keeps slowly steps,

When you whisper instead of shouting at night, even in mourning, silently express thyself as delight, that no one listens!

Night, where we all cares,

Where happens all the miracles & also nightmares,

Where all of our dreams are alive, where we opens our actual sight, which define our baze!

Night, where we turn to meet our real mates, 

Night, Where we feel nature’s absolute & infinite grace!

~ Nidhi suryavanshi

Never let the world change your smile.

A young, beautiful girl Lisa is standing upon the terrace under the stars and blue dark sky and smiling. Because she feels so proud and grateful whatever she did in her life, and whatever she got in her life, Lisa has never given the key to this world, nor has the world allowed it to decide what she should or should not do. She has taken her own decision, she choosed always what her heart wants and because of this, she did never feel regret.

However, it’s not mean that her life is full of roses; she is living a life as all and life is just not complete in one phase or in a single day, it takes lots of years and in those years it takes completely of yourself.

Lisa is a childish, honest, shy and optimistic girl. She is from a middle-class family and in her childhood she faced lots of bad things and scary incidents, but then she hadn’t known the difference between good and bad things she was just a pure child but not for the world for them, she was a toy because she is a girl to be a girl is really so difficult in this world. 

“Girls shouldn’t call a girl even should call a fighter.”

Whenever a girl is born in a family, once again a fighter comes to the earth, who starts fighting just after a few years of birth,

 when she does not know the meaning of the fight nor does she know, Big difference between girl and boy, or man and women.

Indeed, being a man is a matter of great pleasure and no matter how much we scream and explain to them or ourselves but it is a fact that being a girl is not that comfort and pleasure, I don’t know why nature made this service? For to clarify this, we’ll have to fix a meeting with nature & God. 

But till that what ?

Lets fought!

And those shit things also happen with Lisa when she realized, she cried and cried, but without any screaming so that nobody could hear it and drowned in the depths of pain and grief. And began to blame everyone, started hating everyone even from herself also. She began to thinking that she is a most ugly, scary and a weak girl who won’t be able to do anything, who will always be afraid of everything.

Even so, she never told anything to anyone, she never opened herself with anyone, and as soon as she started to grow she began to understand that everything is fake and just a show, everybody is bad and wrong. She started to get scared to everyone and outsiders. Then she held the hand of God in her life’s journey, and God is  a best teacher and a best ever friend, he is genuine, faithful unlike this world. And with God, Lisa became mightier and forgot all the bad past, and now she is stronger than any other and gaze upon forth.

Now she never thinks or listens of a society or this dusty world, She exactly does what she thinks she should do and what she loves, she also forgot and forgive all the freaky buzz.
Lisa is grateful for this whole life and whatever she is today because she knows she is not just a ordinary girl, she is a universe within herself, she has a God, she has beauty & divinity, She is pure, innocent and full of infinity.

Today lisa sees many dreams and tries to make them possible, and also she is in love with someone who is a person but not less than a God, But sad that, he doesn’t know about in Lisa and her wish and he is also so far from her, but Lisa is a strong believer, so she believes that one day she will definitely meet him and tell him everything, and she is hoping that God will surely fulfill her first and last ever wish because it will fulfill her journey of life.

“She knows that this is a miracle as the sky meets the earth, but she also knows it; That nothing is impossible in this world.”

Now Lisa knows everything and understands everyone, and that’s way she feels blessed in this life and for all good and bad things what happened with her.

Lisa says, this world will do wrong and worst with you, but still never let the world change you, and your smile. 

Be you, put yourself on the first and the last,

Accept yourself, with your good and bad parts,

Love what you are, with your strength and faults,

Always protect your authenticity, and change the world with its smile and a beautiful heart!

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