The Traveler

Raaste me h abhi... Chl chuke ab tk lakhoṅ mil,  Phir bhi mazboor h ye dil, Kahne ko, Ha raaste me h abhi! Ja rhe h kha?  Khuch pana h, Accha kya?  Khuch bhi,  Pta nhi pr khuch to hoga hi... Chal rahe h tab hi! Hm to raaste me h abhi! Ek pl roya … Continue reading The Traveler

THE WAR- A Positive Outlook Towards The War

Since childhood, I have read a sentence and it always helps me to understand everything that every coin has two sides like good, bad, right and wrong, so if there is war then it can not be the only definition of evil There will also be a good part of the war. And after reading … Continue reading THE WAR- A Positive Outlook Towards The War


“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs,  And returns home to find it! That actual & lovely home is only within, Absolutely perfect way to return the real home, That is our subtle soul! Is only a beautiful & boundless heart painted by art... Art is your emotions flowing in … Continue reading Art