The Night

Night is very beautiful like God has decorated a special place,

For the spread of its coloured & incessant rays, 

where the moon is a bright light in the dark night, which is changing its shape to all the days.

Where the stars look like in the sky, as God has given diamonds in somebody’s attire Which illuminating all the ways.

Where slow wind is flowing and says,

Let me touch your lovely face!

Night, where everything looks more divine,

Where silence also sings a melodious rhyme!

Where all the eternal souls come to earth and make us realize their especial state,

Where all the birds return to their nest,

Night, where all are at rest!

In night When someone is awake, so he keeps slowly steps,

When you whisper instead of shouting at night, even in mourning, silently express thyself as delight, that no one listens!

Night, where we all cares,

Where happens all the miracles & also nightmares,

Where all of our dreams are alive, where we opens our actual sight, which define our baze!

Night, where we turn to meet our real mates, 

Night, Where we feel nature’s absolute & infinite grace!

~ Nidhi suryavanshi


Published by

The Life is a Journey...

Dreamer...,Thinker, Writer, Love philosophy & philosophical persons, believe in GOD live in music.!! I have created my own world full of beauty & hope.

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