Are you Traveling in #Monsoon  ? Follow these Tips to look Stylish!

Everyone loves to travel during monsoon, but looking stylish and maintaining comfort in the rainy season remains a major concern for most of them.

Traveling in this season can make your best ever memories for your entire life.

As you can bask in the fascinating sunlight or enjoy the cold and calm darkness of the monsoon. Also, touch and feel the verdant greenery that is spread everywhere and vibrant culture of the places that come alive during the monsoons.

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Know your passions: they are the key to your physical and mental well-being

Having passions is an essential part of being human, and all people are passionate about something. If you feel like you don’t have any passions, it is probably because you haven’t discovered them yet.
When you're doing something that you feel passionate about, you should know it intuitively because you kind of “lose yourself” in it.

This is why people often describe a change in their perception of time when they are doing something they are passionate about. Musicians often spend hours rehearsing or writing music without noticing the passing time. Ask yourself, what in your life makes you feel this way?
The positive mental feeling you get when you're immersed in your passions affects your physical well-being too. The Harvard Study of Adult Development has studied extensively the connection between positive emotions and health. Experiencing positive emotions has been proven to reduce stress, reduce chronic pain and addictions, and improve sleep and concentration, among many other positive benefits.
Passions are an important and intrinsic part of every person, so you should create opportunities to allow yourself to discover them.

The more opportunities you give yourself to discover your passions, the happier and healthier you will become. Explore new physical and social environments, and research new fields you aren't familiar with but are curious about; for example, by taking classes, joining relevant book groups or finding online communities. Look into new physical activities like sports or learn a craft that requires skilled use of your hands. The more unknown situations you explore, the more room you have to discover unknown passions.

Do not loan money if someone is following their passion. Yes it is a advice to bankers Because it is going to change and so much change.
Passion is a strong emotion of desire or enthusiasm felt for another person or for an activity.

You don't follow your passion your passion follows you.
Passion is not something very destined and a think for that you waiting for so long and finding it or looking for it. Passion is just a feeling that can be for a job, for a person for a love for a place. You can feel it for anything and differently on the different time but we get afraid and more then us our parents when our passion get changed on the bit difference of the time. As it happens with all and for me also when I was so young I decided to be Dr. And started to think of it dreamt of it and also making efforts all in step by step 10th, 12th, B.Sc cpmt , Aipmt coachings. Instead, getting failed and succeed I was trying next to next but a level comes and suddenly I felt nothing for it no passion even if I get 1st rank , free admission or if someone gives me millions of rs. May be even though I didn't study mbbs or became Dr. I just can't think about it and felt for sometime a blankness, nothing was coming in my mind what to do after I decided to not to study more and not to do anything.
But then my family convience me so much and i realised I love social work or helping people from childhood so studied MSW from distance learning and in these two years I lived a life of century. Experienced lots of things did all that comes in my mind reading lots of and traveling so much. Joined new social sites Twitter, LinkedIn then felt passion for writing so started to write for a news paper and then my blog and in other news papers. And my poems I wrote almost 20 poems till now in hindi and English both. Started to feel passion for art so made few paintings and also learn so much like short hand, MS- excel, tally and also did job for a month and experienced more spiritualism and deepness of meditation understand more truth about life and life-meaning. Passion awaken for forest and adventure also so I read and see lots of about it and imagine much but couldn't do in real it's not possible to do all the things of this world so for that there is a imagination it's thing that can make us infinite.

but after that in mid that feeling of excitement and curiosity just get ended for all the things and now I am just in a relaxed condition it's like everything has get done don't want to do anything and thinking about to go to visit mountains and hills or experiencing a higher level of spiritualism. But again family they said you are now just 21 and in this small age you have completed all, do something more they think I am running from life but that's not true I am accepting my truth for that I have taken birth on this earth that I felt from starting and now it's get completely clear but let's see for them I am trying to live more here and finding a correct way to survive that don't bound me and also make something worth it to live in this world more and I funded so much and felt that I am bit interested in news on politics and cross border so may be I'll do journalism and also job in any NGO or help people's to find their true self or live for their passion that only thing can make their journey of life complete or make them free from the cycle of surviving. Then only they can see or feel beauty and essence of life and love.
So don't get stuck or busy to find your passion just start doing a thing that you like or love that give you happiness or satisfaction it's a passion.
And it's your fire and efforts that helps others to in their duty.

Speechless! This video of Nicholas winton awaken my heart

This is amazing and phenomenal world has still some great and God like persons. After watching this video of sir Nicholas winton push me up as a rocket loncher get completely fuled and awaken my heart from a too much dark.
Whenever i give up and get back in my shell of silence and dark mode. God or nature and May be universe shows me or give me a sign to wake up, rise again and do something worthy that i know i can do if i honestly willing to do.
That is way i love this line so much and always tell to others also. " Whichever thing you wish with whole heart and soul, the whole universe takes it into union with you."


I'll breathe with the lungs
That filled you with air
As I touch all the thoughts
Eyes transmit through air

There will be no fingers
Except yours that beat
Blood pulsates through veins
As I stay where you breeze

No exhale will fill your oxygen space
There, no thoughts except of your face

The world will need not
For proof of your tones
All color's your touch
The rest just shadows

I will sit in this place
Until you return
Wait by the fires
Of memory's