A Tribute to Ghalib

dil-e-nādāñ tujhe huā kyā hai āḳhir is dard kī davā kyā hai Oh errant heart, what ails you pray,Finally, what is the cure for this ache?ham haiñ mushtāq aur vo be-zār yā ilāhī ye mājrā kyā hai I'm ardent and he turns away,Oh lord! what is this game you play?maiñ bhī muñh meñ zabān rakhtā … Continue reading A Tribute to Ghalib

Poetry- what kind of relation is this?

What kind of relation is this?Do not know,As much as I can,Thrown awayIt comes across again.Which is this waterfallOf sweet water,Rest in my heart;That continually flows,Never stop.Inside of me is he,And upon me is you,As the something light and,Something dark.Like the moon smiles,On the earth over night,As that the face of your’sBlossom in mine...~ Nidhi … Continue reading Poetry- what kind of relation is this?