Time does not exist

Time is not reality because it’s relativity. — A theory given by Einstein“When you talk to a nice girl one hour Seems as a minute. And when you are burning your hand, a minute seems as an hour why?Time is not a truth because truth never change, as sun is a universal truth it will … Continue reading Time does not exist

Love is only one

Love is not related to body at all, it straight goes into soul, It’s unexplainable, and infinite as dark covers whole. “There is no controlling on love, it is that eternal flame can’t ignite nor be quenched at will.”Love is only one, it can never be twice and thrice, Love is formless, invisible, and transcendent. … Continue reading Love is only one


Hello Everyone, What The Heart Wants” & “The Dream” my poems get published in magic magician book 2 “Aura of Love” by raindrop publication. Today book is out on amazon You can buy the copy of this latest book *Aura of Love* A handi packed collection of poems and short stories on love, magic and … Continue reading Poetry