Have you met ‘Daria an unfashionably dressed, highly intellectual or insane, cynical, and sarcastic teenage girl?

Daria with her oversized glasses and a book in her hand or that catchy quote from Charles Bukowski, “I don’t hate people, I just feel better when they aren’t around.”

Who always think, think and think, overthinking is her biggest character flaw;

She overthink. She over love. She over feel.

She either wants everything or nothing;

She is the depth of stormy sea…

So Here she thinks, she is just so overqualified for this ordinary and stoned world.

Who most of time prefer to be alone so she could understand the storm of her feelings and make it stop or reach out to the shore.

Who doesn’t wanna add anyone or any of their bit of thing in her overwhelmed life. Because

She already has a full list of hobbies and interests and not enough hours in the day to enjoy them all.

Who is just so personal and mysterious, she loves mystery that much she also become one,

She can share her things to completely stranger ones, but she just can’t tell or open up herself to her close ones might be because she’s just so overrated to be judged?

Here she’s only believe in coffee ☕️

Fine now you’ve been much curious to

Know about her all, who’s she?

Where she lives? And all

So let’s make her introduce. 💁‍♀️

She is an unfashionably dressed, 🙋‍♀️highly intellectual, 🙇‍♀️entirely pessimistic about life altogether, cynical, and sarcastic teenage girl 👩🏻‍🎤who is portrayed as an icon of sanity in an insane household in an equally insane upper middle classsuburb. 🙅‍♀️

She resides with her vacuous, fashion-obsessed younger sister Quinn and career-obsessed parents Helen and Jake. 😶

John Allemang said that Daria is “both the disappointment of her overachieving parents and an frustration with overwhelmed people for the looks, fashion and speaking really lot.🤫

She had moved to a new school, having transferred from the one. Glenn Eichler said, in relation to Daria, he was a co-creator, “I like to think that I’ve helped her come out of her shell.”🙂

Some people described Daria as “the anti-cheerleader, the un-social climber, ruthless, overrated and the drugged eye.😱😞

One added that Daria “may look like a misfit, but the catch is that Daria’s the only fit one in the artificial and over-dramatic society. 😐🙃

Daria states in the beginning that she does not have low self esteem: she has low esteem for everybody else.🤷🏻‍♀️

Some says about her that “The secret of Daria’s popularity (everywhere but in her own home and school) may be our collective alienation.”🤭😬

One says that “her tastes are a little dark.” 🙄🤫As an example, he used the fact that she reads “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg at a reading to the elderly program.🤔😦

Eichler said, “Apparently everyone, with the exception of a very few people who were hit on the head when they were very young, felt like they were outsiders. You either identify with her as an outsider or you sort of envy her ability to navigate her life as an outsider and stay sane.”😐

John J. O’Connor, said “In short, Daria is the perfect anti-Barbie Doll. 😬😶👽

Merchants of fashion and cosmetics are beneath her contempt. Her refusal to be Miss Goody Consumer borders on the truly subversive.”

He concludes that Daria “is every glorious misfit I ever knew.”🤔🙃

Allemang said that Daria “seems more tortured and neurotic, if only because it’s more clear that the airheads have won.” Daria often talks to herself. 😕👩‍🏫

Allemang adds “in a perky-teen world with its twisted values, he said “There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with Daria, just because she can’t or won’t hang out with the cool kids.”🙂

John J. O’Connor said that Daria has “a withering eye” towards her classmates. 🙃

Emily Nussbaum for Slate would praise the Daria in her critic way; that many disaffected teenagers could relate to and for showing “the flipside of her principled withdrawal from the world: her crippling terror of rejection, a streak of ugly self-righteousness”.🙂🙋‍♀️

At lasts you can more guess about her tastes in shows as ‘Daria likes to watch the fictitious television show Sick, Sad World with her best friend Jane.🤔🙂👐

Gates added that “Daria is the kind of girl who reads Heart of Darkness and Edgar Allan Poe‘s ‘Telltale Heart‘ in class.”🤨😐

Daria is an American animated character for American animation show, created by Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn. The series ran from March 3, 1997 to January 21, 2002 on MTV

Dariathe show’s title character and protagonist.



Writer is a surfer, who waits for the perfect wave

“Delay is natural to a writer. He is like a surfer—he bides his time, waits for the perfect wave.” —E. B. White

After reading this strong and so resonant statement I find my ‘extinct calming again. These words are just so enchanting for me. Because I’ve always been a biggest procrastinator, who delayed her all works does not matter, is small or big, is less important or more.

And I’ve been so criticised because of this my ‘virtue that is now, but till the one day ago it was my one of deadly and filthy habit.

I’ve been even mocked so much for delaying my things as ‘my soap is slow’ or ‘cockroach’ and etc…

But I do always delay my work, things as if I’ve to submit my work somewhere so I do at the exact one minute before deadline means 11:59 nine’

Filling of forms always at the last date. I’ve been also scolded so much from my mom and others. I’ve also been disappointed and sometimes though hard due to this habit of mine.

As I also did lots of delay while saying something to someone, while committed, in while of expressing my emotions and feeling to people. I do delay to making remember things and people,

I do delay when I’ve to do forget people and moments.

I do delay while wishing and thanking someone. While telling them about my love. And what I want, what I need, and that I want them so hardly.

I also do delay while expressing and showing my anger. I do delay in comforting to a place, and in a weather. To understand things and people all together,

Sometime even I get so bothered,

From delaying and procrastinating but what else I can do instead of accepting,

my a difficult part, that one make my ‘whole of,!

So after reading this I’ve been really happy that I only don’t do this and it’s isn’t a bad habit instead a great virtue.”

It’s a one more feature or kind of bliss to become writer.

Here I get one more thing, the importance of very ‘perspective.

How only a single perspective turned on your scars into a tattoo, a defect into uniqueness. A insanity into brilliance”


Today I saw myself in mirror after many of years…

Taare zameen pr…

“Stars on Earth, yeh those beautiful, bright, and twinkling stars in while hanging on sky we see every night.”

Those stars also lives upon earth. Today I realise after seeing this movie, you can too…Only we need a unique & beautiful sight to see beauty it’s present all around us, and within us.

A wonderful and most amazing movie I’ve ever seen.

Today I watched first time this movie means after eleven years of its releasing. It has been released in 2007 when I was eleven year old and was in 8th standard. Then I wasn’t know about movies so if I’d watched even could not understand.

“But today like I’m seeing myself in mirror after many of years…

Darshil has done amazing acting in that small age and Aamir is phenomenal. First time I love amir this much, as firstly liked his three idiots. Today I just fall for him and his acting.

All music is just so enchanting and exceptional. Love all songs and lyrics.

Now here why this movie touch my heart so hardly and make a place in the depth.

Like Ishaan and Nikumbh both were part of a single character that I’ve been played in my life.

Ishaan was my childhood who’d face so much difficulties especially in study and going school.

I never wanted to go school till the 4th standard almost I’ve been study at home. My family and mom were supportive they didn’t force me so much so I get learned reading, writing and all at home while playing. So fortunately I couldn’t know the name of disease and tag.

Because I wasn’t in any of very renowned school or boarding school thankfully.

Reading, writing all I’ve learned from my mom at home.

We’re middle-class family so of course schooling also have been middle class. Those schools were also good but they just don’t have burden of fame and dignity.

And today i really feel good that I’ve been studied there. Where we learn about life also not only multiple subjects.

But even going school wasn’t easy for me, I have made many of excuses as most common stomachache, fever, headache and so all. Wrote so many applications. Once I’d made warm my forehead from gas so I could tell mom that I’ve fever and I won’t go school tomorrow.

But my mom was so understanding and supportive she always lived with me. I never went anywhere alone till the high school.

I’ve given my board exams with mom, I used to give exam in side and mom waited outside for me. She convinced me to being smart as others and independent but somewhere she knows i am different. She said that with time I’ll be enough strong to handle everything by my own.

She has given me complete time and space to learn and grow. Sometimes she get worried as what I’ll do for living, what happen by writing and so much.

I had problem with understanding, I was slow, I had so much confusion. I couldn’t understand the whole concept of going school, reading so many subject. Why? Because I didn’t know anything about aim, human-race and those all things. I was a average student who was trying to be a bright one as others.

But I couldn’t, I have failed many times in tests, exams so I have also make my elder sister to teachers for taking tests copies. And have hide or sometime throw also my tests copies.

I was full of confusion, unknowing, chaos. I was frightened, dumb and silent. I always see dream of being lost and get afraid in nights because I’ve been lost in my all life.

I have been crying so much over my things. I always thought why I couldn’t be normal like others? Why I’m so weak?

Why I can not understand things easily?

Actually I used to understand but things Beyond normal, beyond worldly. Like about pre-birth, after life, universe, God, soul, life, humans, and all.

But not like school, study, college, exam, competition, rules, limits and all.

I always been in my different world full of questions and thinking for this world and peoples what they do. I wanted to fly, through my imagination, my dreams.

That I had done while living home.

I wanted to live at home so I could live freely and do whatever I wanted to do.

I wanted a free pace, a freedom. I hate to bind under boundaries. But somehow I manage those all,

Now I’ve overcome from those all and have find my destination. And understand everything, all about life in fact more well than others. Today I realise that being this is truly a bliss not punish.

Today I love myself and feel proud what all I’ve been through and reach here. As a poet, writer who motivates others.

So today if I see a child as reflection of mine then I get attached or worried about them.

I think there is always a girl or boy like him in hundreds of normal children. Our society will have to be few sensitive towards them, family and teachers also pay some attention. Because these are the child who actual make or create a new world in future.

As examples were given by Aamir in movie.

But actual what happens in reality there isn’t any teacher like Nikumbh in our society. We only face those teacher who understand only two categories normal and abnormal nothing between line…

We do struggle and fight all with our own from the world full of normality.

Our misfortune is we called extraordinary as abnormal. Whom needs inspiration, appreciation they get only anger, hate and sometimes sympathy.

These child needs more cure, love and inspiration from family and their home.

Give them few time to understand, to learn at beginning and they’ll be their best version or sometimes world’s.

Give them wings of faith, teach them power of believe and let them fly all their own.

Legacy that he left his behind ‘Anthony Bourdain world traveler

Anthony Bourdain, the gifted chef, storyteller and writer who took TV viewers around the world to explore culture, cuisine and the human condition for nearly two decades, has died. He was 61. Bourdain’s death on Friday and the cause of death was suicide.

I am and as everyone are shocked how a kind of beyond the person who described himself as an “enthusiast.

also could suicide and now what we can expect from average and normal people.

The suicide rate in the United States has seen sharp increases in recent years.

I can not believe that he can do suicide

But even if he is then it make us overthink of the causes of suicides and prevention of it.

He’s irreverent, honest, curious, never condescending, never obsequious,” the judges said. “People open up to him and, in doing so, often reveal more about their hometowns or homelands than a traditional reporter could hope to document.”

Anthony Bourdain says,

“We ask very simple questions: What makes you happy? What do you eat? What do you like to cook? And everywhere in the world we go and ask these very simple questions,” he said, “we tend to get some really astonishing answers.”

Here’s a look at some of the other wisdom he shared over the years.

“[When I die] I will decidedly not be regretting missed opportunities for a good time. My regrets will be more along the lines of a sad list of people hurt, people let down, assets wasted and advantages squandered.”

Money doesn’t particularly excite or thrill me; the making of money gives me no particular satisfaction. To me, money is freedom from insecurity, freedom to move, time if you choose to make use of time. My investments advisor understands that I’m not looking to score big on the stock market or bonds. I have zero understanding of it and zero interest. Life is too short.”

Without experimentation, a willingness to ask questions and try new things, we shall surely become static, repetitive, and moribund

Anthony Bourdain was a world traveler and here his philosophy about travel ‘it leaves marks on you- are beautiful often, sometimes they hurt.

The finest and wisest human-being who knows he just began swimming and touched the surface of sea, yet he hast to drown and reach into the depth.

When people eat together that become a most pacify moment, taste of food has capability to change the psychology.

“If all the leaders of world share a meal together then they could create most peaceful environment on the earth.”


Poetry “You must serve as a captain of sorts

Today we’re living in a very troubled world.

One’s death open the entrance of others birth,

But could these uncountable series of death and birth make any of worth;

Negativity pervades it,

And many in our society are floating like ships without rudders,

Weary souls searching for a lighthouse that will keep them from crashing against the rocky shores.

Peoples are entangled within their own waves, lost even at sea-coast…

So here you must serve as a captain of sorts,

And will be a beacon of light, one in millions

A flying kite in a space at the so high,

You’ll have to be a bona-fide!


Dream Diary- decode the message

I’m a curious girl who obsessed with the “I want to know everything” as now studying or analysing my dreams.

Dreams have been always a mysterious subject for everyone so for me too…

Things seems as impossible or suspicious until you did not understand them.

Everything that are hated or loved firstly get understood.

There is a kind of joy and happiness to understanding all.”

I have to decode or unlock all the mysteries of this universe.

Now I’m studying and making a connection with my sub-conscious mind rather it can help me by telling me something that I couldn’t know through my conscious mind.

As I always been confused, chaotic, indecisive and dwelling between so many things.

“Lost on the each and every path, between the wondering voice of mind and heart.

I started to remember my dreams and write them in diary or finding their meaning or relate with them my present time situation of waking life.

And I get surprised it’s so effective what we could not find through any logic or knowledge, your sub conscious mind tells you so clearly and smoothly.

But dreams are a code language that we have to decode.

Our sub-conscious mind is the door between conscious or super-conscious mind.

Sub conscious mind works through getting all impulses, information or memory that are used or stored by our conscious mind and sometime a sense from super-conscious who all are on that stage, and tell us a message in dream that about to happen in future.

Means sub conscious mind also can predict things before happening in waking life or this world.

I have experienced this just within one two week.

Remembering dreams seems very difficult firstly or the important stage of study.

But not though difficult, just wake up in morning without getting hurry, lay for few time calmly or without getting involve in phone or any conversation try to remember dream.

Firstly you’ll get only one two random things but don’t irritate just caught them and store in back of mind and slowly slowly thing or go behind those things, while brushing, bathing and all think.

Sit silently few minutes without troubling with mind or any thought.

And you’ll get to start receiving your coded message of dream.

Then write it all on notebook while writing you’ll remember more. Write all small and specific things, your feeling, timing, color, surrounding and all.

Just continue this practice for daily.

This is a phase of knowledge and as much as knowledge you’ll have life will be easy to live.

These dreams will help you lot with dealing the difficult situation.

These dreams tell you that you couldn’t know in these years of your life. That you never realised. And those all things are stopping your progress or path.

Dreams will reveal your hidden fear, anxiety, insecurity, your purpose, truth of life. Everything.

Just be aware and jump into the sea of knowledge.

You’ll love your life.

Poetry- ‘Wake-up’

I know you’re tired but come, this is the only way,

You’ll have to wake-up, from deep sleep

Otherwise the dream’s demon’ll let u slay.

To see the truth, embrace the eternity,

To reach supreriorty from insanity,

You’ll have to hit yourself so hard,

And find-out the key,

Open the safe,

Only then you could take all the treasure,

So just be aware…

Nidhi Suryavanshi


Poetry is full of music

Prose is simple but poetry is complex, subtle and Sublime.

Prose is dull and boring, but poetry is interesting and full of charms.

When we say something as in prose it seems strict, and hard.

But when we say words in poetic form doesn’t matter how tough it is to hear, or stand by,

How deep & darkest is ‘truth

Even seems soft and good,

Words are putting to down,

As a melodious chaos dancing,

Birthing – stars ‘full of bright shining…

Brevity is the soul of Poetry.

Prose is dull but poetry is full of music.

It uses rhyme and rhythm.

Archaic and absolete words are not deemed good in prose but this is not so in poetry.

That is why I love poetry, poetry is free, it has no restrictions and boundary…

So as no poet can ever bind,

within grammar, rules and sanity.

Work of poetry and poet is to make you, experience of ultimate freedom and infinity…

Poetry is “best words in their best order.”

—- S.T. Coleridge

Poetry is “spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.”

—William Wordsworth

Poetry is “a criticism of life under the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty.”

—Matthew Arnold

— Nidhi Suryavanshi


Dear John “look around you,

“…when you’re struggling with something, look at all the people around you and realize that every single person you see is struggling with something, and to them, it’s just as hard as what you’re going through.”

Savannah Lynn Curtis, Chapter 4, p. 71 Dear John.

“You’re not alone so don’t be a victim those are so many, instead stand up, be bold and try hard to lift up others,

be a fighter, a motivator, and a game-changer.
And do it now, this is the time to look around,

uncountable falling ones,

Bring them back,

Feet to neck

Raging heart to solace,

Take a stick or made it, if so weak

Then ask few help but rather roar,
on all your own…



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