The Traveler

Raaste me h abhi…

Chl chuke ab tk lakhoṅ mil,

 Phir bhi mazboor h ye dil,

Kahne ko,

Ha raaste me h abhi!

Ja rhe h kha? 

Khuch pana h,

Accha kya? 

Khuch bhi, 

Pta nhi pr khuch to hoga hi…

Chal rahe h tab hi!

Hm to raaste me h abhi!

Ek pl roya h Yha,

Ek pal khoya h Yha,

Suna tha kabhi bas ek pal ka safar h,

Yha pal chhoro, kai Sadiya gujar gayi,

Mai sukoon se soya hi nhi!

Kyu ?

Kyonki raaste me h abhi…

Accha Ha yaad aaya,

Kb thamega ye safar, kb rukega ye kadam,

Kb ek lambi aah bharoge karke in aaṅkhoṅ ko bnd,

Kb jioge ye zindagi,

Zindagi ???

Ha zindagi,

Ye kya h ?

Hamne to kabhi jana hi nhi,


Kyonki raaste me h abhi…

Accha Ha bhool jata hu baar baar ab yaadast khuch kamjor si ho gayi,

Ha to sahab zindagi wo h jo aapko jine ke liye mili thi kabhi,

Khair, aap to raaste me h abhi,

Pahuchiyega jb khI kisi manzil pr to ji lijiega thoṛi si zindagi,

Kahte h khuda ke khoobasoorat tohafe si h,

H Khuch phoolo. Ki bhini-bhini mahak si,

Dil me uṭhti us ajeeb kasak si,

Or kabhi thandi hawa ke jhoko si,

Bachpan me khelte us kho-kho si,

Or kabhi Raat ki chadar me chupi chaṅdni si,

Khuch khuch Rimjhim baarish si,

Phir h kabhi ye dhalti shaam si,

Or kabhi ootho pe bikhri wo halki muskaan si,

To kabhi Subha-Subha pachhiyo ki chahchati awaj si,

Khuch khuch adarc ki chai, or aaj ke akhbaar si,

Kahte h Khuch aisi si h zindagi,

Khair, aap to raaste me h abhi…

Nidhi singh 

Hindi Translation-

रास्ते में हैं अभी…

चल चूके अब तक लाखों मील,

फिर भी मजबूर है ये दिल,

कहने को, हाँ रास्ते में हैं अभी।

जा रहें हैं कहाँ ? 

कुछ पाना है, 

अच्छा क्या?

कुछ भी…

पता नहीं पर कुछ तो होगा ही,

चल रहें है तभी,

हम तो रास्ते में हैं अभी।

एक पल रोया है यहाँ,

एक पल खोया है यहाँ,

सुना था कभी बस एक पल का सफ़र है,

एक पल तो छोड़ो, कई सदियाँ गुज़र गयी,

मैं सुकून से सोया ही नहीं।

क्यूँ ?

क्योंकि रास्ते में हैं अभी…

अच्छा हाँ याद आया।

कब थमेगा ये सफ़र, कब रूकेगा ये क़दम,

कब एक लम्बी आँह भरोगे करके इन आँखों को बन्द।

कब जियोगे ये ज़िन्दगी…

ज़िन्दगी ???

हाँ ज़िन्दगी।

ये क्या है?

हमने तो कभी जाना ही नहीं,


क्योंकि रास्ते में हैं अभी।

अच्छा हाँ भूल जाता हूँ बार-बार अब याददाश्त कुछ कमज़ोर सी हो गयी,

हाँ तो साहब ज़िन्दगी वो है जो आपको जिने के लिये मिली थी कभी,

ख़ैर, आप तो रास्ते में हैं अभी।

पहुँचियेगा जब कहीं किसी मन्जिल पर तो जी लिजियेगा,

थोड़ी सी ज़िन्दगी,

कहते हैं खुदा के ख़ूबसूरत तोहफ़े सी है,

है कुछ फूलों की भिनी-भिनी महक सी,

कभी दिल में उठती उस अजीब कसक सी,

और कभी ठंडी हवा के झोंकों सी,

बचपन में खेलते उस खो-खो सी,

और कभी रात की चादर में छुपी चाँदनी सी,

कुछ-कुछ रिमझिम बारिश सी,

फिर है कभी ये ढलती शाम सी,

और कभी ओठों पे बिखरी वो हल्की मुस्कान सी,

तो कभी सुबह -सुबह पक्षीयों की चहचहाती आवाज़ सी,

कुछ-कुछ अदरक की चाय, और आज के अख़बार सी,

कहते हैं कुछ ऐसी सी है ये ज़िन्दगी,

ख़ैर, आप तो रास्ते में हैं अभी।



“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, 

And returns home to find it!

That actual & lovely home is only within,

Absolutely perfect way to return the real home,

That is our subtle soul!

Is only a beautiful & boundless heart painted by art…

Art is your emotions flowing in a river of imagination,

With the eternal motion,

And where heart touches the incessant feelings commotion,

A true work of art is, but a shadow of the divine ocean!

Art is a line around your infinite thoughts,

Which turned into a limitless path,

But it would so easily passed,

And has only single way which leads to the forth!
Today Google dedicated a Google Doodle to celebrate jamini Roy was an Indian painter. He was honoured with the State award of Padma Bhushan in 1955. He was one of the most famous pupils of Abanindranath Tagore, whose artistic originality and contribution to the emergence of modern art in India remains unquestionable. on what would have been his 130th anniversary. So I thought to write a few lines as a tribute to all the artist of this whole world who are mirror images of God. There are few amazing art work of Roy.

 The Dream

Dear Love, for nothing less than you,

I can be your’s and you can be me,

Would I broke this happy dream,

It was only a theme…

For reason, much too strong for fantasy,

Therefore you waked me wisely; yet

You didn’t break my dream, but continued it,

You are so true & genuine, your thoughts suffice to me!

To make dream, truths and fable histories,

As lighting, or a taper’s light your eyes, and not your noise, waked me;

Yet I thought thee…

For your lovers truth- an angel at first sight;

But when I saw you; I saw a golden heart,

With a hidden and saddest part,

And knew my thoughts beyond an angel’s art!

When you came to know what I dreamt, when you know when,

Excess of joy would wake me, and jerked then,

I must confess it,

You could not choose me, but think once it can be;

I am profane to think about in you,

You are heaven with the sacred & beautiful view,

And I am eternal dark without the light, that is you, only you!

Coming and staying showed you;

But rising makes me doubt that now, you are not you!

That Love is weak where Fear is as strong as he;

This is not all spirit pure and brave,

If mixture it of fear, shame, honour have!


In the enchanted spell of the night,

 With the splend of the moonlight,

The billions of stars twinkle in sky,

 And thy dreams blossom in my eyes!

Your love kept me alive yet,

But your silence says, forget love and awaked,

Let’s act in the rest!

Now there is nothing rest for me,

I dreamt of you, and it can be,

If you want to choose me,

Could be a another dream, what we would like to see!

The Night

Night is very beautiful like God has decorated a special place,

For the spread of its coloured & incessant rays, 

where the moon is a bright light in the dark night, which is changing its shape to all the days.

Where the stars look like in the sky, as God has given diamonds in somebody’s attire Which illuminating all the ways.

Where slow wind is flowing and says,

Let me touch your lovely face!

Night, where everything looks more divine,

Where silence also sings a melodious rhyme!

Where all the eternal souls come to earth and make us realize their especial state,

Where all the birds return to their nest,

Night, where everyone is at rest!

In night When someone is awake, so he keeps slowly steps,

When you whisper instead of shouting at night, even in mourning, silently express thyself as delight, that no one listens!

Night, where we all cares,

Where happens all the miracles & also nightmares,

Where all of our dreams are alive, where we opens our actual sight, which define our baze!

Night, where we turn to meet our real mates, 

Night, Where we feel nature’s absolute & infinite grace!

What The Heart Wants

We all have the mind and heart, the two most powerful things,

And these both are our wings…

of course, mind has more power it nourish all & even our blink,

But heart makes me swing between you & everything…

Mind handles all, and it can be manageable,

but our heart is beautiful, innocent & very loveable…

The heart makes us blind and in the next moment makes us resolved,

It fills us so high but in the next moment ties it in a knot…

What The Heart Wants!!

The heart wants what it wants…

 dosen’t matter,

That is generous for us or not, that is right or wrong,

That is easy or hard,

But the heart wants what it wants!!

What is this in the heart that it hurts so much, why does not it think,

Why does the heart like anyone, anything  How it looks and feels…

Why it cries, and what it demands,

When the night falls, it is often lost…

What The Heart Wants!!

Heart breaks up and can join,

It can be your, and also can be mine…

It is more alcoholic than wine,

But it also illuminating like sun-shine,

This is the nature’s most subliminal art…

The heart wants what it wants!!

Why is the heart so stubborn, why does not it understand,

Why The heart Wants you & everything without any limit, and pennant…

Just a moment, an only glimpse of you,

Is a closest and forever view,

Put on my path…

What The Heart Wants!!

This is not a mirror, but you look clear in this,

This is not a river, but you float in this,

So heart is what? 

Why The Heart Wants What It Wants!!

It makes me sad, gives me pain,

it makes me blush and heals all my wounded veins,

It makes me talk with the stars at night and dances in the rain,

It makes me join you in dreams every day like a insane,

It scares me, stares me, but still takes your name.

And this is worst but in all the rest, mine best, ‘part…


What The Heart Wants? 

The ocean

“How the ocean was formed in the language of science, 

But how the ocean was incarnate in language of mine,?

Why is the ocean so much beautiful and marvellous,

“When for some reason two people sit together,

looking out at it they stop caring wheather!

they talk or stay silent.”

How can this bigger and full-filled ocean make silent to our louder minds & restless soul…?

“We never get tired of watching it and no matter, how rough the waves,

We’r never bothered by the noise the water makes …

by the commotion of surface!

It never seems too loud, or too wild,

Like a playful & fickle child!

So what is like this something in ocean,

How we can also be happen,

Like – ocean!