There is nothing apart from God

When there was nothing,

It was God.

And if there would nothing at all,

Then it would have been God…

I am something,

It drowned me

And if I did not,

Then what,

I would be…

Translation & interpretationNidhi Suryavanshi


I like the girls, like me

I like the girls,

like me,

Who passes through in phases of time.

Who live as shadow, in the body of their own,

Who ask to go,

Beyond the cloud, and a road to unknown.

Who do unconsciously,

Mention of love in their talk,

But never do love with anyone and carve this very art.

Who dreamt, and touch all the things,

But never stay,

On a single way, as a bird with wings…

~Nidhi Suryavanshi

I know you are with me

You send me little away from you,

So that i can understand your importance and mercy more deeply and truly in my life!
You make me a little down so that you can hold me (to holding my arm you call me more closer to yours),

I’m afraid of an unknown fear in a few moments,

And that fear which make me afraid is,

Will i not be lost in this eternal, and infinite creation of yours!

That I will not wander and will not go away somewhere so far from you,

But then you remind me that you have kept me up and hold my hand,

Then you say that you are with me in all way and will be forever!

I am still alive

Why I’m alive, why there is something left,

When there is no mirth and fest to celebrate, 

There are still few breaths in my chest,

No layer on upper surface and None in depth,

As a neutron’s motion & vibe!

I am still alive!

When neither a story nor any dream,

No tears, noise and scream,

When there is neither journey nor destination,

No cloud of imagination,

Where I fly, when I don’t know this is either earth or sky!

I’m still alive!

I see the stars in the dark night,

Talk with the blowing wind,

Making art of those hidden parts and also interacting with mind,

I’m trying to revive!

I’m still alive!

I’m not seeing any sunshine & moonlight,

Either there is too dark or too bright,

No sight in my eyes!

I’m still alive!

~Nidhi suryavanshi

Till That You Are Powerless Like A Child

Till that you are soft & powerless like a child,

Till that you are delicate & fragile like a flower in the wild!

Till that you are immature like a new-born infant,

till then live inside of me as my pennant!

Like a plant lives in shadow and shade,

When come under sunlight get to fade!

Now you’ll get hurt by any small injury,

You’ll incinerate by a small fire,

You’ll get stumbled only in few steps,

You’ll slide from less higher!

Therefore, till then you live inside of me inside of my heart…

You’ll get dirty from very less dust & sand,

Now you’ll get easily bent,

So till then you live in me, inside of my heart…

When power will comes in you, life will be illuminated & breathe,

Strength will knock your door or enter into your heart as a sheathe,

When you’ll do your own help,

You’ll be get glittering star in itself!

You’ll drink fire-nectar, then you go out and run,

Then you will be sacred after playing in dust,

Then you’ll be you, no cover; no shell is must!

And then you’ll be free after binding in all bonds,

You’ll be unraveled after embroil,

You’ll be you after how much fly!

Then you will stand down and stand,

 You’ll stay connected instead being unkempt,

Therefore, till then you live inside of me, Inside of my heart!

As a subtle & subliminal part…

~Nidhi suryavanshi

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